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  Grattan Movie by Dr. Chuck  

A five minute visit to the last track day of the 2007 season at Grattan Raceway. A big thank you to Chuck Severance ("Dr. Chuck") who shot the video and edited this piece, all because I complained that the web video of his return to (now, vintage) motocross racing after 24 years was so much cooler than my cheesy onboard videos. Thanks also to Ronnie Barnes who composed and performed the music.

QuickTime .mov (320x240) - 12.5 MB
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      Gingerman onboard video  

A lap at Gingerman Raceway
August 18, 2007.

It's not racing, but passing is still fun when done safely. I've just been passed by four riders on the straight, and I get three of them back before we roll back into the pits.

QuickTime .mov stream (320x240) - 6.6 MB



  Grattan video link  

A lap or two of Grattan Raceway
July 6, 2007

I pass 5 guys in two laps - okay, it means something to me :-) Grattan is my "home" track - it's my favorite and pretty challenging (5 of the 11 corners have blind entries, 2 of the 11 are off-camber).

QuickTime .mov stream (320x240) - 8 MB



  Grattan Crash  

Crashing in the "Bus Stop" at Grattan
May 30, 2009

I was having an unusually fine weekend at Grattan, turning in my best personal times since racing in 2002 in the 1:33 range. This was looking to be my fastest lap of the day when I hit the dip coming out of the Bus Stop and lifted the back end on the right peg. Crashing is never good, but having the camera running made up for it - sort of.

QuickTime .mov stream (320x240) - 10 MB

Mid-Ohio Rain Dance
  Mid-Ohio video link  

A lap at Mid-Ohio
July 26, 2007

Wherein I get eaten for lunch :-) Only my second visit to Mid-Ohio. It's a beautiful layout, and the pavement is brand new. But it poured for hours this visit and the time before. With so little time on a drying track, this old man was happy to tiptoe around. That's Dave Phelps (far left), my long-time pit partner doing the "please, no-rain" dance. Next year...

QuickTime .mov stream (320x240) - 3.25 MB

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