Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The "Cat" is the all new (2002) ferry service between Bar Harbor and Yarmouth. It covers the 125 sea miles across the Gulf of Maine in less than three hours and saves more than 600 miles of driving between those two cities. The interior is crusie ship chic. About two dozen bikes came across with us - the most ambitious rider having come from California and heading to Newfoundland on a Suzuki V-Strom.

        Weather and sea conditions were nearly perfect for the two-and-half hour crossing. But the 40-knot speed of the Cat turned an almost imperceptible long sea-swell into a motion sickness nightmare for about 1/4 of the passengers. I always get sick so I took dramamine and was fine (a little sleepy). Teri never gets sea sick - but she did today - a real Class V up-chukker.
        So, you know how dreadful you feel after a big puking bout. Teri is such a trroper, she got right on the bike (we didn't have much choice, Customs is always suspicious of people who don't want to go through) and we drove for an hour till we found some food she could tolerate. After eating a quart of strawberies from a roadside stand and topping off with some ice cream, she started to come around.
    Mahone Bay,
Nova Scotia
      A two hour ride up the coastline brought us to Mahone Bay, where we stayed for three days at "The Fisherman's Daughter" nestled among three 19th century churches. Most of this former fishing community stretches along the western edge of the bay. A mighty good pub along the stretch above "The Mug and Anchor," serves up a mountain of sweet mussels harvested daily from the mouth of the bay. That and a local pint -- and I'm quite sure I don't know why we every left this place.
        During one of our days in Mahone Bay we managed to do some postcards at this market/outdoor cafe. A little slice of Zingerman's in the Canadian saltspray. It is so peacful here. There are no cruisers with quad-12" subwoofers, and cell phones almost never make a public appearance.
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