A lunch break on the north shore of Minas Channel (a northeast branch of the Bay of Fundy) looking west to Advocate Harbor headland. Parrsborrow is behind us to the east as we make the last few miles to our week long stay in Port Greville. Again another obliging chunk of Canadian basalt offers to hold the camera.
        But back to lunch. A few hours good riding on smooth roads on a sunny, warm day - add some great messy sandwiches and you have st a whole new threshold for entering the zen state.
          A short day's ride northt from Mahone Bay has us in Port Greville. The bed and breakfast turns out to be an entire sea captain's home from the late 19th century, for just the two of us. A few hundred yards to south, viewed out the kitchen window, lies the north end of Minas Channel.

Early the next day we slipped and slithered our way on slick street tires up a winding gravel road to the top of Mt. McGregor. Across Minas on the left is Cape Split, where a great rocky headland (teensy in this photo) has separated from the penninsula.

Around us is a thousand acre blueberry patch ready for the eating. Burp. Or pollinating and feeding...

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