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  Gingerman turn 2  

Gingerman Raceway
On the west side of Michigan near South Haven. Turn 2 - over the years the pavement seams in turn 2 at Gingerman have widened to the point where they can cause the front wheel to track in them. There are two seams effectively dividing the track into three "lanes." On entry, you want to stay inside the first seam to the apex.

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Exiting turn 2 you have to deliberately stand the bike up to cross the first seam. If you get caught in that seam you won't be able to get on the gas soon enough to accelerate down the short straight to turn 3. Besides, it's creepy to have your front tire stuck in a crack in the asphalt as you go around on your knee.

      Gingerman turn 5-6  

Gingerman turn 6 apex. Turns 5 and 6 at Gingerman are either two successive left hand turns tightly linked, or a double apex turn, where the the radius decresases in the exit of the turn. Take your pick. Entering turn 5 wide (a "late apex") enables an exit on the inside of turn 6 which is a good set-up for the short straight leading to turn 7.

      Gingerman turn 10   Gingerman Raceway turn 11. Coming off the short back straight where you either wind it up to redline in 3rd gear or barely touch 4th before dropping into the 90 degree, 2nd-gear right hander onto Gingerman's pit straight.
  Gingerman Raceway track layout   Gingerman Raceway - near South Haven Michigan. 1.86 miles per lap.
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